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During my studies I create a lot. I welcome every project because I see how I develop. Mistakes are welcome because they give valuable insights - about approach, material and function. 

Anatomy of Space, Moscow, BHSAD 2016

Module 1
Module 2

Introducing materiality, Moscow, BHSAD 2016

Strelka institute in Moscow
Strelka 1
Strelka 2
Strelka 3
Module of St. Andronicus monastery
Monastery 4
Monastery detail
Monastery 1
Monastery 2
Brick column 1
Brick column 2
Final stage brick column
Front view of brick column

Final major project, Shelter, Moscow, BHSAD 2016

Shelter 1
Shelter 2
Shelter 3
Shelter 4
Shelter 5
Shelter 6
Shelter 7
Shelter 8
Shelter 9

Body adornment, Moscow, BHSAD 2016

Body adornment
Keeping your back straight.
Body adornment
Body adornment
Body adornment with function.

Sound furniture, Moscow, BHSAD 2016

Sound furniture
Me on the Cajon.
Stages of the Cajon.

Casting free the form, Moscow, BHSAD 2016

Casting free the form 1
Casting 2
Casting 3
Casting 5
Casting 5
Casting 6
Casting 7

Felt like a dream, Moscow, BHSAD 2016

My home.
Detail 2
Feeling comfy in felt.
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